Q: What are the benefits of stamped conceret apposed placed and morterd stone?
A: Baywest is proud to feature Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete gives the appearence of natural rock or flagstone as a surface for your patio and walkways for about 60% of the cost of real stone. Its beauty and durability combined with the its natural appearence make it a winner in your new yard. Stamped Concrete is sweeping the country as the new hardscape choice for fine landscape projects. When done correctly many people are fooled , and many times think that its real stone.

Q : How do you prepare stamped cement to reduce cracking?
A: All popular finishes & types of concrete are available. Soils are graded to encourage a proper slope to your new concrete 2" of base rock are used & compacted. Steel rebar is used in a grid pattern with concrete being installed at approx. 3'/2" thick. An extra sack of cement (6 sacks per yard of concrete rather than standard 5 sacks per yard) helps establish strong concrete.

Q: What is an Overlay?
Overlay procedure A: Polymer cement overlay is a combination of cement, various aggregates and proprietary hybrid polymer resins. The purpose of adding polymer resins to the cement and aggregate is to greatly increase the performance characteristics and versatility of conventional cement and concrete materials. Unlike conventional cement and concrete mixes, polymer cement overlays can be applied as thins as a single grain of sand or up to several inches thick without fear of delamin- ation or typical product failure. In addition, polymer cement overlays are much more resistant to damage from salt, petrochemicals, UV, harsh weather conditions and traffic wearing. Polymer cement overlays were originally intended for use as a thin surface restoration material for concrete substrates. With years of successful applications, polymer cement overlays were introduced into the architectural concrete and commercial flooring industry in the early 80s where its use has become an industry norm. Polymer cement overlays are used for interior and exterior applications ranging from: Concrete Resurfacing Designed to restore and protect damaged, pitted, flaking and stained concrete back to the look of a new concrete surface. This application can even be "broom finished." Regrading Offers the ability to repair and level concrete surfaces that have settled and become unsafe trip hazards. Regrading from several inches thick down to a feathered edge is possible. Stamped Overlays Similar to conventional stamped concrete, but only " to " thick applied over existing concrete or wood substrate of any condition and at a fraction of hassle, cost and application time. The finished look is that of truly authentic tile, brick, slate, stone, wood plank and more. You can find more information on overlays.

Q: What type of irrigation system do I need?
A: One of our specialty's. Sprinklers are another very important componant of a proper landscape. Batwest Landscape will custom design your sprinkler system using the very best products, weather drip or spray systems. Our installers know our clients are busy and don't have time to be calling us with sprinkler problems, therefor they do their very best to design the best system for your project. All systems are designed in the field by trained landscape technitions. Your locations water pressure, sun vs shade, type of soil all play a part in the our system design. Only schedule 40 pvc pipe is used. We carry "Toro", "Rainbird" and "Hardie" sprinkler components. These are "name brand" companies whose materials rarely let us down. An optional "rain shutdown switch" is available to automatically shutdown your sprinkler system after various levels of rain are received.