Introducing the latest innovation in Decorative Concrete! With Decorative Concrete Stencils, anything you can imagine can be brought to life in concrete, because decorative sandblast stenciling allows unlimited artistic expression. Used on new or existing concrete, ornate decorative borders, corporate logos, medallions and original artwork are easily created.

Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain can be used with Brickform Decorative Sandblast Stencils to add brilliant color to designs…The only limit is your imagination!


The pictures below depict how you can utilize Brickform Color Harderer, Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stain and other coloring agents to achieve a wide variety of color with your stenciling projects.

As these photos show, you can use lights color hardener as a base, then apply a darker color of Blush-Tone Acid Stain over the entire surface. After sealing the surface with Acrylic Sealer and applying your stencil, you can lightly sandblast through the top stain color into the light color hardener base, giving you a two-tone color effect.

After sandblasting, you can add acid stain to the etched areas for even more color.


The designs shown in our catalog can easily be adapted to your job specifications. Most patterns are continuous, which means we can accomidate anything from a three foot wide walkway to a hundred foot long driveway. Medallions can be created as the centerpiece to hardscaping treatments. We can also reproduce corporate logos. Logos can lend a unique look to commercial projects.

We will work with technicians to ensure that the stencil fits your needs. In additions, all stencil orders include a design proof that will show you how the stencil will fit your custom dimensions.


We will work with you on specializing in bringing your ideas to life. You provide the artwork, we create a one-of-a-kind stencil that brings your hardscaping project to life.

Designs may be submitted as camera-ready artwork, computer laser prints or on a computer disk.

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