Introducing the latest innovation in Decorative Concrete! With Decorative Concrete Stencils, anything you can imagine can be brought to life in concrete, because decorative sandblast stenciling allows unlimited artistic expression. Used on new or existing concrete, ornate decorative borders, corporate logos, medallions and original artwork are easily created.

Stamp textures
Texture mats recreate the texture, look and feel of natural stone, brick or tile in every detail. The benefits of stamped concrete, besides the cost saving is unlike regular installed real stone or brick, is that Stamped Concrete is all one piece!

Acid staining
The acid stains are made from hydrochloric acid, wetting agents metallic ions. When this solution is placed on concrete it colors the concrete by chemically combining the metallic ions with the particles in the concrete to form oxides. The finish will not fade or chip - it is permanent.

Concrete Countertop
Countertops are either pre-cast in a shop or built on site. Concrete Countertops can be made to take on the look of any verity of popular tops....Marble, Tile, Slate, Flagstone, Corian, almost anything you can imagine!

Similar to conventional stamped concrete, but only " to " thick applied over existing concrete or wood substrate of any condition and at a fraction of hassle, cost and application time. The finished look is that of truly authentic tile, brick, slate, stone, wood plank and more.

Drainage is one of the single most important portions of a landscape installation. New homes will generally have a basic drainage system installed by the developer. This system will usually consist of the roof downspouts being connected to an underground pipe which discharges at the street gutter. Normally there will be atleast (2) "catchbasins" installed by the developer. This existing drainage system will have to be adjusted to make it right for your new landscape. As part of our installation, when drainage is included, Baywest Landscape will take responsibility for your surface drainage. When your new landscape is installed, due to new concrete pathways and patios, changing soil grades, etc. some areas of your landscape will be alienated from the original system. For this reason Baywest Landscape will adjust and add other catchbasins to your system to eliminate puddling of water. Baywest Landscape has installed literally hundreds of systems. Rest assured your new drainage system will be right. Proper grading (sloping of the soil) will follow with site soils being repositioned to encourage excess rain water to flow into drains.

Lighting Systems
Imagine having two landscape projects for the cost of one plus a little extra! That is the case with low voltage lighting systems. These systems allow us to create a nightime landscape feeling similiar to what you feel when you go to a nice restaurant or a Hotel. The nightime "character" of your yard will be appreciated by your family and guests. Evening BBQ's, parties (or daytime ones that run over!) will benefit from this system. You will create an evening ambiance that only costs pennies an evening to operate. Lighting systems add safety to your home. Being able to navigate walkways and steps safely when it is dark as well as the fact that each system comes complete with an automatic timer allows the system to operate when your not home. You have the ability to also be able to have the system turn on at various times giving the appearence of your home being "occupied" when on vacation. Fixtures available include: "Path" lights for walks and patios, "spots" for trees, highlighting statuary, bringing out special architectural components of your home, "post" lighting for accenting the posts of arbors and patio covers and many others are available. All items for your project are quoted seperate so that you can chose what you want.

Redwood Decks and Patio Covers
We can custom design a beautiful redwood deck as your main patio or for an intimate retreat within your yard. All decks have pressure treated redwood and or, douglus fir foundations. Deck boards are screwed to this foundation with zinc patio screws. A redwood, Iron wood, and if you have never heard of Iron wood , it is incredible, and can create a very pleasant transition between your rear door & all other patios. A wood patio column will add architecture interest to your new yard. The shade created will cool the underlying patioi arms. Posts are bolted to "wet ankles" (metal brackets concrete into the ground). Overhead supoort members are bolted to posts. We encourage , arbors for added character. Low voltage lighting can be suspended from your patio column to light up an underlying table or BBQ. Flowing vines can be planted at base of widow arbor posts to add to the appearence of arbors.

Soil Preparation
Proper soil preparation is the key to success for your new yard & plantings. Rototll To a depth of 6-8 inches. If necessary we will use mini truckhammers to break up the soil before we rototill it. Large rocks are raised up and housed away.