"Staining is a practical way to beautifully enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces".


The acid stains are made from hydrochloric acid, wetting agents metallic ions. When this solution is placed on concrete it colors the concrete by chemically combining the metallic ions with the particles in the concrete to form oxides. The finish will not fade or chip - it is permanent.

This procedure is not a dye technique like staining leather or wood. The acid stains may not even appear to be the color they will produce. The English Red has a dark greenish tint, yet turns the concrete a vibrant terra cotta as the metallic particles in the solution combine with the concrete. Acid stains, unlike paints, are not opaque-they are translucent. Some areas will be darker than others, similar to marble or flagstone. Along with the naturally occurring variegations and marbling, any blemishes and imperfections in your concrete simply add "character and charm". Even cracks kook great! Some designers chip and scar floors before they are stained so the floors have an aged appearance, creating more "ambience".

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